School of Global Languages, Literatures, and Cultures
Explore By Interest

Explore By Interest

Society & Politics

Delve deeper into the problems that drive global politics and get familiar with political units different from nation-states that are major global actors. Penn State offers a great variety of programs to help you develop these interests.

Cultures & People

Get a closer look at the histories and unique cultural heritage of people inhabiting different parts of the world. Learn more about the many Penn State majors and minors that can help you learn a foreign language and immerse yourself in the culture of the people speaking it.


Learn how international trade and finance can support developing countries, help alleviate poverty, protect human rights, and contribute to a more ethical and sustainable future for all. Discover the critical importance of culture-sensitive business. Explore Penn State majors and minors focused on business in a global world.


Learn more about the main health challenges in different world regions and efforts that global organizations make to overcome them. See how your Penn State education can help you establish connections between your health-related interests and global issues such as human rights and economic development.


Protecting the environment is a major consideration in any human activity. Learn more about specific efforts and programs developed to ensure future generations will live in an environmentally friendly world. Find out what Penn State programs address these issues.

Science & Technology

Explore the intersection between science and ethics. Learn how computers, machines, and scientific discoveries impact human lives and what can be done to offset some negative effects on the quality of human life. Check out majors and minors that link science and technology to global issues,